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Vandana Publications was set up in 2011 to provide a new publishing service called “SELF PUBLISHING”. Focusing on publishing books which needed a high degree of marketing and promotion direct to the public, including specialist books which target a specific market and fill a specific need. Our main focus is on books which are positive thinking, goal setting, motivational and set out to improve peoples outlook or education. Read more…

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    Internet Marketing

    Long gone are the days of exhaustive mail outs. The dreaded process of collecting your leaflets or brochures from the printers, putting them into envelopes with stamps, and posting them in the hopes that your recipient will open the contents and eventually call you back, is no more. Internet marketing, otherwise known as email marketing, […]

    Current situation of teaching and learning in higher education system

    The world of higher education has been shifting its focus from teaching to learning  over the last few decades. Earlier with smaller classes and a much smaller Higher Education (HE) system, a teaching-led education sufficed. Universities decided what should be taught overall, teachers often decided what is to be taught in a course and generally […]

    The COVID-19 pandemic and effects on education

    Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on the world and while the African continent accounts for just over 23,000 cases and over 1,100 deaths from the disease, the numbers are increasing and unfortunately this has also had serious impacts on learning. According to UNESCO, 1.5 billion learners worldwide (91% of the world’s student population) […]