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Internet Marketing

Long gone are the days of exhaustive mail outs. The dreaded process of collecting your leaflets or brochures from the printers, putting them into envelopes with stamps, and posting them in the hopes that your recipient will open the contents and eventually call you back, is no more. Internet marketing, otherwise known as email marketing, is a quicker and more effective, virtual form of traditional mail marketing.

It is Simple: Less fuss is needed after the completion of the campaign design. There is no need for hundreds of envelopes and stamps, and it cuts out the monotonous process of posting.

Low Cost: It eliminates the costs of printing and distribution. E-marketing is a much more cost-effective and green way of marketing.

It’s Targeted: Internet marketing enables you to target the right people with the right information. With traditional print based marketing, there are two options, one being to send out multiple campaigns with different information which can prove costly, or the alternative, sending one campaign to everyone, meaning people receive information they don’t need or want. E-marketing allows you to deliver the right messages to the right audience.

It’s Global: e-marketing allows you to reach a worldwide audience. Where traditional mail outs would be costly to target overseas prospects, e-marketing provides an opportunity to initiate engagement with targets you would otherwise not have contact with..

It’s Interactive: Use video and links to your website where possible to encourage engagement and clicks through to your website