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Our other Services

Thesis Editing

We do not write thesis, we only edit it. As part of our thesis editing service, we have edited master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral thesis and dissertations.


Proofreading is an essential part of reviewing documents and correcting and mistakes prior to publication, whether is a PhD thesis, Master thesis, books, novels etc. You have worked your documents for a long time but you’re not sure if there are still errors remaining. It is impossible to find your own mistakes. What you need is a proofreader who will read your document and find all those small mistakes you swear had been removed.
Proofreading is you “second pair of eyes”. As an experienced proofreader, we pass on a fresh pair of eyes over your work and pick up the small mistakes that endless regarding have missed. Choose this service if you are satisfied with the quality of your writing but require a final check of your document.