Application of Intelligent Techniques in FACTS Power Device for Power System Stability


Author(s): Dr. Rani Fathima Kamal Basha and Dr. Bharathi M.L
ISBN No.: 978-93-90728-64-0

Published Year: 2021

Price: Rs. 400/-
Size: A5
Format: Paper Back

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This book provides a deep insight in the concepts on application of Intelligent techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy logic techniques in Flexible AC Transmission (FACTS). Different controllers used for power system stability in FACTS device are discussed. Comparison studies of both classical controller and modern controller are discussed. An overview of FACTS devices and detailed history on power device in reference with the literature of past two decades have been discussed. Stepwise procedure for testing each controller for power stability is provided for each intelligent technique. In this book, both classical and modern techniques used for testing power system stability are explained with respective MATLAB output images.

This book provides the best suited topology to intelligent controllers, in order to enunciate the usage of seldom used custom power devices.  The results of system under various operating conditions and obtained results in MATLAB / SIMULINK environment is provided in the book. The book discusses about the ways to improve the quality and reliability of power system networks.


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