Emerging Issues in Commerce and Management


Editor(s): Pema Lama and Brahma Chaudhuri
ISBN No.: 978-81-946476-2-1

Published Year: 2020

Price: Rs. 1000/-
Size: A5
Format: Print Book


The peer-reviewed edited book on ‘Emerging Issues in Commerce and Management’ is our humble endeavour to address and understand the emerging issues in the field of commerce and management as well as to highlight the relevance of the same in contemporary issues and challenges faced in Indian perspective. Scores of important issues have emerged in the field of commerce and management such as environmental accounting, human resource accounting, micro-insurance, social audit, ethical investing, green marketing,  international accounting and taxation, block chain technology and crypto currency, artificial intelligence and cloud computing etc. The book is intended to provide a clear and detailed analysis regarding the recent trends and developments in the areas of Commerce and Management and contains 36 (Thirty-Six) insightful research oriented articles / papers on diverse theme of great relevance to the contemporary business, economy and society.  It is believed that this peer-reviewed edited book will be of immense interest and value not only to the scholars and academicians but also useful in their future research directions and policy making.


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