Environmental Studies and Pollution Control


Author(s): Islamuddin and Rajneesh K. Gautam
ISBN No.: 978-81-932843-8-4
Published Year: 2017
Price: Rs. 220/-
Size: A5


The book entitled, ‘Environmental Studies and Pollution Control’ to the engineering students of B.Tech, M.Tech, Diploma etc. for engineering colleges like (AKTU), diploma colleges (BTEUP) as well as non- engineering students (M.Sc.), of various universities across India. The course contents have been planned in such a way that the general requirements of all engineering students’ namely Civil, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Management, Energy and Environmental, Environmental Sciences, Public Health Engineering etc. are fulfilled. The basic concept of Environmental Studies as well as Pollution Control is revised time to time, especially the legislations which keep amending time to time as per the environmental constrains caused due to natural and anthropogenic causes. All these contributions have given the subject a scientific outlook.


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