Indian Vision (1947-2047)

Author: Mohd. Ossama
ISBN No.: 978-93-90728-33-6

Published Year: May 2021

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As India moves up the ladder of development and influence, from being a major economy to a military and geo-political power, it would rather influence the world order. India has a great demographic dividend, great educational institutions, science applications and aspiration population. India shall lead in many domains, in many multilateral organizations and showing great responsibility as a UN member. Economy, democracy, tolerance, stable political system and rule of law make India a great destination for business. This book: Indian Vision touches on many themes that define our approach and features of influence. India is a peace loving nation that helps friendly and needy nations. Rise of nation also brings an era of dominance and approach towards things.  Since independence, India has moved on, today it is a major indo-pacific power. Indian Diasporas are strong in US and UK and else where. India is today having multiple partnerships in a multi polar world. It has been a beacon of hope, values and civilization. From Gandhi till today, Indians have served the world on many occasions. Our vision on diversity, democracy and tolerance is very appreciable. This short book of poems tries to touch major themes of our times and years to come. As Indians our shared values and moral compass are often praised. It is a humble attempt to touch multiple talking points on India’s time in the world. This book is dedicated to our great nation India, which would complete 100 years of freedom on 2047. Jai Hind!

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