Monograph on Emotion Classification using Deep Learning Techniques


Authors: Vinodhini.K and Dr. Rekha Chakravarthi

Author’s Country: India

ISBN No.: 978-93-90728-21-3

Published Year: 2023

Price: Rs. 250/-

Size: A5

Format: Paper Back

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This monograph provides a deep insight in the concepts of Emotions classification using Deep Learning Techniques. An overview of Emotions, Categories of Emotion and various Algorithms for detecting Emotions has been provided in understandable form as Architecture Diagram. Design of Emotion detection Each-level and has been explained. This is also the phenomenon that animals like dogs and horses employ to be able to understand human emotion, we will use the libraries librosa, soundfile, and Tensorflow and keras Deep learning frameworks to build a model using an Artificial Neural Network Classifier. This Code then run in Pycharm is an software which has Django Framework to Build the Website. A special feature of this monograph lies in the Python programs which can be implemented for various Techniques. These programs are tested and validated.


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