Renal Toxicity


Author(s): Purvi Nishad and Rama Nishad
ISBN No.: 978-81-937887-4-5

Published Year: 2018

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This experiment was designed to explore the antioxidant effect of vitamin E on oxidative stressed rat’s model induced by heavy metal. Heavy metals induce their toxic effects and generate reactive oxygen species. The toxic manifestations of these metals caused imbalance between pro-oxidant and antioxidant homeostasis which is termed as oxidative stress. There are 4 groups of rats were taken, group one is control, second is of mercury induced Hg (10ppm/1000ml of drinking water),third group is of mercury + vitamin E (10ppm/1000ml of drinking water + 25mg /kg body weight) treated rats and fourth group is of vitamin E supplement (25mg/kg body weight). We administered doses of mercury (10ppm/body weight) and doses of vitamin E (25mg/kg body weight) simultaneously. To find out the level of oxidative stress assess the certain parameters and biomarkers as ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP), Advanced oxidative protein product(AOPP), urea and creatinine level The FRAP content reduced in blood and AOPP,Urea and creatinine level increased in blood, but after the supplementation with vitamin E, the content increased and AOPP (Advanced oxidative protein product) decreased whereas urea and creatinine both normalize. Vitamin E supplementation normalizes the levels of these parameters by putting their ameliorative effect.


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