Secure and Reliable MANETS


Author(s): Dr. V.L. Pavani
ISBN No.: 978-81-949069-4-0

Published Year: 2020

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Size: A5
Format: Paper Back

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The advent of wireless communication and the development of handheld devices have significantly advanced the development of nomadic communication. The ability of these handheld mobile devices to self-organize themselves on the fly without an infrastructure, expands their communication beyond wireless radio range, has lead to the development of mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET). Security is one of the most vital research areas in focus and plays a central role in determining the success of civilian and commercial mobile ad-hoc networks. Unfortunately, the mobile nodes are struggling to get the trusted intermediary nodes for secure communication to the various destinations, in order to keep long network stability and preventing from active attacks. It is necessity to identify the trusted intermediate nodes for the high communication performance. Although few integrated security systems exist for the MANETs, a high security performance using node trust identification, reliability and behaviour predication for trust-enhanced security architecture is yet to be enhanced for the MANETs. These approaches are required for the prevention and detection of abnormal and malicious nodes to complement each other to deliver a trustworthy, secure, and an operational routing layer are amidst the inherent issues.

Therefore, this book focuses on a systematic study of the trust security challenges and adversaries in the MANETs and accordingly the performance analysis of the strengths and solutions have been proposed within different categories of security systems.


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