Author(s): Er. Arpit Srivastava
ISBN No.: 978-81-949069-7-1

Published Year: 2020

Price: Rs. 500/-
Size: A5
Format: Paper Back

(Rs. 50/- included for Speed Post/Courier)



This book is based on the story of two friends, Anubhav and Sudarshan. Where Anubhav who just left his old-fashioned life and goes into the area of graduation there he met Sudarshan, who was one of his cohorts, a concealed character, turns into his actual companion who guided Anubhav all through his graduation and recognized him about the fastidious importance of life. In this book one more character was presented, her name is Radhika, a genuine admirer of Sudarshan, both urge him to learn and comprehend the unavoidable truths that apply to everyone. This book will likewise inform you regarding current realities and marvels of learning, its significance, and stages to accomplish a definitive objective. In the whole story, you will discover how Sudarshan and Radhika helped Anubhav to accomplish his objective. Later on, you will find that how friendship turns into the piece of rivalry in which Anubhav was caught and how Sudarshan will spare him from every dubious condition. In the last aspect of this book, you will see how Anubhav needs the shadow of Sudarshan yet, in the long run, he got himself alone.


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