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Refereed Journals

Since 2011, the internationally recognised, scholarly, open-access, refereed/peer-reviewed Vandana Publications Journals have assisted researchers in sharing the results of their studies. Peer-reviewed or refereed journals are among the most respected sources of academic information. Both words mean the same thing. Means Peer Review Journals and Refereed Journals are same.

Before an article is approved for publishing in one of these journals, it must pass a rigorous approval procedure that involves expert evaluation by subject matter experts. This procedure is intended to guarantee that the paper is factual, thoroughly investigated, and adds to the corpus of knowledge in a particular topic.

Publication of papers in peer-reviewed (refereed) journals, UGC-CARE-approved journals, or journals listed in Web of Science or Scopus is advised by UGC-CARE (India). Since our both journals are full peer-reviewed publication (refereed journal), it meets with UGC’s guidelines.

Research papers published in both journals (International Journal of Engineering and Management Research) and (Applied Science and Biotechnology Journal for Advanced Research) are indexed and submitted by research indexing websites and databases, including WorldCat, BASE, J-Gate, Google Scholar, OpenAIRE, and others.

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